Artist Illustrate People As Cartoon Characters (45 Photos)

Ever wondered how you would look like if you were a cartoon? American self-taught illustrator, animator and writer, Robert De Jesus has made a name for himself by offering a service through which you can actually see a sketch of yourself as an anime cartoon.

He is a talented illustrator who takes photos of people and transforms them into cartoons. His illustrations are absolutely heartwarming. Robert has been drawing for over 4 decades; he is now selling customized animated portraits to those who are interested. If your order meets the illustrator’s strict guidelines, you can get your anime sketch in digital file form and/or as an original pencil-on-paper drawing.

In this post, we have listed up some adorable cartoon portraits from Roberts’s collection that will make you want to frame one for yourself too.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends as well!

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