Artist Took A Sinister Approach And Puts Disney Characters Into Wrong Scenarios

Walt Disney Studios is an integral part of most people’s childhoods, creating memorable characters that have stuck with us for many generations. Disney’s style has always been famous for its heartwarming stories and heroic characters. That’s why many artists follow the same manner and give Disney princesses modern makeovers while keeping old Disney theme. But, Japanese graphic designer Shusaku Takaoka got tired of Disney’s old way and hence took a bit of sinister approach by challenging the way we see our favorite cartoon characters.

Shusaku Takaoka digitally combined our beloved princesses into places and scenarios they don’t originally fit into. He incorporated pop-culture references with these classic cartoons. The resulting illustrations created interesting stories and images that put a whole different twist on the original stories.

You might think you’ve seen every spin on Disney princesses imaginable, but you would be wrong. In this post, we have listed up some of our favorite photos from Shusaku’s amazing collection.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

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