Brutally Honest Illustrations Showing What Would Happen If Disney Characters And Superheroes Faced Ecological Disasters

A self-taught French artist based in Paris took on the Inktober challenge and created a series of illustrations showing Disney characters and superheroes facing ecological disasters. Baptiste Drausin, aka the baptman, has created a truly thought-provoking, if not terrifying, series that visualizes how our favorite fictional figures from stories, comics, and television programs would be affected by an ecological disaster and how they would deal with the consequences. Thankfully, Drausin is actually making a difference by inspiring a lot of people, and currently, he has more than 31 thousand followers on Instagram!

From Arielle suffering from ocean pollution to Elsa fighting global warming, we’ve compiled some of his illustrations below, and his work will surely make you understand the significance of the environment because ecological disasters arise due to human activity and it’s not a natural disaster. Scroll on peeps! Don’t forget to share these photos with all your friends to spread awareness among them.

More info: Instagram

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