Wanna See How Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Would Look in Real Life? Check This Out

We’ve had many creative imaginations of people as cartoon versions of themselves especially due to the new emerging trend of cosplay fanatics. But, 3D art creator Miguel Vasquez turned the tables upside down by reimagining our childhood heroes as real human beings in the form of 3D drawings. Miguel is quite a talented artist who loves to bring his drawings as close to reality as possible. He takes well-known cartoon characters and turns them into a somehow creepy and strange human version.

So, folks! Before you scroll any further a fair warning, the human version of our favorite cartoons are pretty terrifying and they will definitely fuel your nightmares for months *wink* Now, it’s your call peeps, we hope you’ll sleep soundly afterward.

Scroll on to see Miguel’s version of some popular cartoon characters listed below and enjoy!



















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