Chinese Artist Creates 20 Pics Of Slothful Animals To Parody How Lazy This Generation Is Becoming

As a Millennial, we can all admit that we are a lazy generation, right? 

Technology, although efficient, has made us depend on it too much and even has turned us into couch potatoes. Why play outside when you have millions of games to play inside? Why proof-read your essay when you have a spell-check? Why use a dictionary if you can just Google it online?  Why go shopping when you can buy anything online? Why make dinner when you can order a pizza? Well, it’s a hard reality to admit but unfortunately it’s the truth!

To parody this harsh reality and being inspired by all this, digital illustrator Guodong Zhao from Beijing, China, created this fun and relaxing project titled “Lazy Things” in which he creates various animals sitting in comfortable beanbags, whilst at the same time, watching series or playing Video Games. Zhao depicts the truth of our generation perfectly in his collection. So peeps, scroll on our curated list of 20 slothful animals made by Zhao and see them for yourself!





















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