Illustrator Reveals What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Were Overweight

In a world where models, dolls and princesses are being hailed for their slim and sleek figures, Character designer Victoria Kosheleva aka yavi.kosheleva rebels against the conventional standards and takes a different approach by introducing our childhood ideals of Disney princess as not slim, sleek or skinny rather interpreting the looks as overweight princesses. The resulting illustrations by Victoria are making headlines over the internet. The artist claims that “It was just a funny idea to [imagine] the princesses like ordinary modern women; with insignificant weight issues.” She doesn’t really understand why her project titled “Fat Disney Princesses” that she published back in 2016 has suddenly blown up. She has shared both the sketches and the finished drawings of her series “Fat Disney Princess,” so her fans can follow her throughout the entire creative process.

If you are curious to see how our Disney princesses looked in her collection then scroll on our curated list below to see for yourself and enjoy peeps! You can learn more about Victoria’s work on the following links: | Behance | Facebook (h/t)







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