This is How Disney Couples Would Look If They Had Children

“Happy Ending” is the term usually associated with all the Disney movies. The storyline can have a lot of twists, but when the movie ends, people do not get anxiety attacks at least. This is the very reason why Disney movies are popular all around the world (not to forget all the life-lessons it gives). However, have you ever wondered, after the happy ending of the most famous Disney couples, what happens next? Well, we are lucky enough to have an illustrator amongst us who did.

Yes, folks, Lynn Eya is a Disney addict who helped us to picture the life of Disney couples with babies. In a fascinating and touching style, she drew these characters as parents spending quality time with their little ones. The talented illustrator has earned more than 18k followers on Instagram in no time. In this post, we have compiled photos of 18 Disney couples showing how they would look if they had children. Scroll down and enjoy, peeps. Do not forget to share as well.

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