Illustrator Documents Simple Human Happiness of a Relationship In Adorable Comics

Do you know what real happiness in a relationship actually means? Well, everyone has their perspectives. For some people, it might mean having dinner in Vegas at an expensive restaurant while for others; it can simply mean to be together in simple things, right? Valérie Minelli, an illustrator from Luxembourg draws pictures that are inspired by her own everyday simple moments that life offers. The Instagram star, also known as Mrs. Frollein is known for her exquisite work through which she is inspiring thousands of people.

In this post, we have listed almost 15 photos of some of her work which shows what simple happiness in a relationship is like. You’ll surely fall in love with these warm and lifelike pictures that are quite funny and moving. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. WARNING: You might end up hugging your partner for no reason at all!

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