30+ Photos Showing Daily Struggles of a Woman

Being a woman comes with many strains. Sure, You get the beauty and the brains but unlike men, you’re also stuck struggling with a lot to maintain those good looks and dazzling grace. For instance, when you’ve so much to do on a free day but you can’t get enough sleep for hours or when you have a bad hair day looking like a Chewbacca with your messed up hair, trust us beauties, we get you! And so does the 20-year-old Dre who goes by the name TheRandomNinjaKitty. She draws many hilarious comics that most women can relate to. With over 56K followers on social media, her work went viral on Facebook and generated a lot of buzz on the internet.

Listed in this post are some of our favorite photos from Dre’s collection. You’ll have woman struggle laid out in front of you in a hilarious and honest manner.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

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