45 Funny Comic Strips That Reveal What Animals Think About

As a lifelong animal lover (ourselves included), we personally think it’s wonderful to see the growing admiration and empathy for our furry companions…let’s face it, they are always adorable and cuddly. But as much as we love them, we can only communicate with them through gestures. Hence, it often becomes difficult to understand the behavior of these living creatures and the reasons why they act as they do.

Popular comic artist Jimmy Craig who is the founder and creative genius behind “They Can Talk Comics” has created a whole series of funny comic strips with his own hilarious perspective that explains how the animals actually see the events that happen to them. Jimmy’s weekly comic strip takes you into the mind of critters like no other. He creates these comics with a totally different approach.

Scroll on to find out for yourself because we have listed below some of our favorite comics from his collection. Have fun peeps, you’ll surely love it!

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