An Artist Creates Sweet Illustrations That Show What True Love Is Really About

In this self-centered world, it’s hard to keep relationships intact. Break-ups happen often for no reason at all, or for a reason that could be easily overlooked by many. Sometimes, it’s the small things that keep people together for a long time. There’s a famous saying, ”Love consists of many little things, and not all of them are always bright and shiny.” To maintain a long-lasting relationship, little moments matter a lot more than big gestures.

Amanda Oleander, an artist from Los Angeles, knows the significance of all those little things and she has displayed them through illustrations. Amanda has produced some really sweet, heart-warming illustrations which bring out simple, but extremely important aspects of how we show love for our partners in our everyday lives. She focuses on the importance of little moments that keep a loving relationship well intact.

In this post, we have listed some of her illustrations that display what true love is all about. Scroll on and take a look, peeps. Share these highly relatable photos with your significant other as well.

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