Artist Illustrated Her Everyday Life Problems In 30+ Comics And It’s Too Relatable

Comic artist, illustrator, and graphic designer Cassandra Calin shows that life isn’t all black and white unless you draw it using a pen and sketchpad. She’s a self-taught artist who rose to fame for her semi-autobiographical web comic series about her everyday life dilemmas.

From the enduring frustrations of having long, curly hair to clothing and dating anyone younger, she illustrates her daily life problems all too well into her light, whimsical style comics. She first showcased her talents on Tumblr after a friend recommended it and rapidly accumulated 40,000 followers in a matter of months. Now, Cassandra’s a rising star on the internet with her true-to-life humor and spot-on drawings. She has already earned almost 1.8 million followers on her social media.

Scroll on to see her hilarious high and low dynamic life comics that we have listed below. You’ll find them quite relatable to your life situation as well. Enjoy peeps.

More info: tumblr.comFacebook | Instagram (h/t: demilked)

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