Comic Artist Illustrates Her Life into Funny Relatable Doodles

Late teens and early ’20s is an age full of awkward moments and unprecedented events. And when you are a gifted artist like “Relatable Doodles”, these moments can be expressed as quirky illustrations that everybody can relate to and laugh at.

“Relatable Doodles” is a series by a 21-year-old comic artist who deals with life, one awkward step at a time. While introducing herself, she wrote “I’m Relatable Doodles! (wow what a creative name *rolls eyes*) I like to draw comics that are… relatable (hence the name).” Her passion for doodling is unbreakable, thus why she started to share her work with the world and gained almost 495K following on her Instagram profile. The end goal of all the doodles she creates is to make everyone laugh at their relatable situations.

Scroll down and enjoy her latest comics collection curated in our selection below and don’t forget to share your favorite ones with your friends!

More Info: Instagram

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