Artist Create Doodles To Inspire People To Love Themselves

Don’t you wish to accept yourself the way you are – and truly love yourself? If you are, like most people, your own worst critic, you hold so much self-judgment that it makes you feel unworthy of unconditional love or self-acceptance. Therefore, learn to forgive yourself and be free from bitterness and anger! Two emotions that not only don’t feel good but can also disrupt our physical health and hold us back from all the good we might achieve and experience. Trust, my friend! That you are more than you think you are and allow yourself to see the true beautiful you.

An artist who goes by the name Soolooka on Instagram knows this all too well. That’s why she had been drawing and posting on Instagram for 2+ years, using cute and fun doodles to remind all of us that we deserve love and joy. With over 85K followers on Instagram, she’s becoming quite a famous artist around globe. Scroll on to see some of her amazing collection in our curated list below and enjoy peeps!

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