Fitness Trainer Shows the Problems of Girls Who Are Struggling to Stay in Shape

Beauty is subjective and weight is its enemy. Don’t you agree, girls? Well, we bet you do! Shallow as it may seem, most girls make lots of sacrifices in order to lose weight or maintain those perfect curves that shape up their body into one elegant beauty. They have to give up their favorite sweets, late night snacks or even fast food to stick with a constant workout routine and, then they have to stay patient for months to see any fruitful results.  It’s quite a hard work indeed!

A fitness instructor and internet celebrity, Cassey Ho, knows all about these struggles because she deals with them every single day. To illustrate all those problems with a bit of fun, she creates comics that are hilarious yet true. With 1.5 million followers on Instagram, she is considered an Internet personality and a rising YouTube rising star.

Scroll on peeps to see some of our favorite photos from Cassey Ho’s collection and enjoy!

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