Funny Comics About Life Struggles of a Girl

Hello ladies! We know being a modern woman isn’t always easy. You have to deal with all sorts of troubles like waxing, periods, make up and more. But, guess what? No one summarizes the day to day troubles of women better than the Indian illustrator Ashkara Ashok.

Ashkara loves to tackle her daily struggles in amusing comics and puts them on her social media under the name of “happyfluffcomic”. She sets her heart and soul into her work and produces hilarious comics on various girls’ problems that are highly relatable to all the ladies out there. Her comics aim to help girls relate to each other over the hilarious problems that they all face in their day to day life. With over 150K followers, Ashkara is becoming quite famous among her social media audiences.

Listed up in this post are our favorite photos from Ashkara’s hilarious collection. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

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