The Life Journey of an Ice-Cube Portrayed Through Comics

We all experience professional burnout at some point in our lives, but for Peng Ven Wong, it led him down to the path of self-discovery where he found his love for creating the incredible series of comics featuring an ice cube with a positive attitude.

Wong’s comic series, Cubemelt, was an idea born from a low point in his art career at the age of 36. One day out of the blue when he was full of self-doubt and uncertainty about the future, he compared the feeling of his life and opportunities slipping away to ice cubes melting away in a soda. From that metaphor, Cubemelt was born. And since then there’s no stopping of Cube Melt comics.

Besides laughter, the artist wishes to bring some perspective of life through his creative work.  With 205K followers on instagram, Wong’s audience is growing day by day. Scroll on peeps to see some of our favorite comics from his collection in the list below and enjoy peeps!

Peng Ven Wong

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