This Artist Creates Wholesome Comics Inspired By His Relationship With His Fiancé

The world needs every bit of positivity, don’t you agree? With so much going around in our lives, sometimes it’s so obvious to forget about how lucky we are to be alive with so many uncountable blessings. So, sometimes it’s okay to smile even with all the chaos and hoodlums. Believe in yourself because trust us, folks! “You’ve got it”. Give yourself a treat of Amir Lopez’s wholesome Comics to inject a few minutes of happiness in your life.

He is a writer from Melbourne, Australia, who, along with an illustrator, creates the adorable Wyatt & Blu webcomic about a colored-haired couple, inspired by his relationship with his fiancé.  He aims to make people laugh and spread positive vibes. The artist says he has been following a few webcomic artists before and decided he wanted to try making one himself. And so far he’s doing quite well because his comics really make people laugh. Scroll on to see some of our favorites from his collection and enjoy peeps!

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