This Artist Shows the Weirdness Of Her Life Through These 30 Comics

Apparently, everyone today seeks wisdom from all sorts of different things and one of them is webcomics. So many new talents are emerging on the internet who draw comic strips on various topics from dark humor to social issues. Ren Taylor, a 20-year-old American comic artist is surely one of them who caught our attention.

Ren loves to show the weirdness of her life through his drawings. She was born, raised and has been living in the Pacific Northwest. Her comic series ‘kampingchicken’ is considered quite unusual because it’s quite a good mix between the weird and the hilarious life encounters. Back in 2017 the artist casually showed some of her comic strips that she scrawled out in a notebook to a friend while camping, and he absolutely loved them. Since then she began sharing her work with friends and family and then took to the world of social media.

Scroll on to see our curated list of ren’s work we have listed below and have a good laugh at the weird things in life. Enjoy peeps!

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