9-Year-Old Recreates Amazing Celebrity Outfits at Home

If you’re a fantasy fanatic you’ll know that it can cost a fortune to come up with a good cosplaying getup. The props such as the costumes and the wigs don’t come for free. But what if you’re short on cash? Does it mean that you’ll miss out on all the fun? Nah! Not a chance! All you need is a little creativity, and you can even manage to create a cosplay on a budget. And a little 9-year-old Australian girl Riley has proved it quite well. With a knack for trick-shots using everyday household items, she has become an internet sensation after her dad posted videos of her unique talent online.

Riley loves to recreate celebrity outfits by tossing random items over her shoulder which ultimately outshines the originals even better. With over 175K followers on Instagram, she’s already more mastered at cosplaying than most other professionals out there. Scroll on to see her amazing work in our collection below and get ready to be amazed peeps!

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