Talented Cosplayer Can Transform Herself Into Any Female Cartoon Character

Cosplaying is a great artistic way for many fandoms around the globe. It’s a new emerging trend that has stolen the hearts of many. It’s no surprise how famous it’s become, spawning a plethora of Cosplaying fans. If you are into cosplay then you simply must check out Maria Fernanda’s work.

Maria Fernanda (Fe Galvão), aka Fernanda Cosplay, is a model and cosplayer from Brazil. Although she’s only just 18 years old, Fernanda has become an Instagram star among many cosplayers fans within no time at all. She is famous for her dazzling adaptations of various characters including Bulma from Dragon Ball Z and Marie from Ed, Edd, and Eddy.  She posts her work along with a side by side comparison of any character that she is imitating.

There’s literally no female cartoon character that this cosplayer can’t turn herself into. She brings each character to life with stunning realism. Don’t believe us? Well folks, scroll on the list below to see for yourself and we bet you will!

You can learn more about her work here:Facebook | Instagram

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