A Talented Makeup Experts Transforms Herself Into Celebrities With The Power Of Makeup

“Makeup has this reputation for being a tool we use to cover up our flaws but for me, Makeup represents art, creativity, talent & most importantly our true selves!” – Anonyms 

Makeup can surely do wonders. That’s why it’s considered one of the most powerful tools for self-modification. Over the years, we have seen some mind-blowing makeup transformations, and most of them require a second look to be sure that it wasn’t just the magic of Photoshop. With a touch of foundation and some powder, the results can be mesmerizing. It can release your inner artistic soul with various eyeshadows and lip colors. Olesia Žuravliova is a makeup expert who can transform herself into celebrities through extraordinary makeup skills. Olesia’s work is inspiring people from all around the globe, and currently, she has more than 75k followers on her Facebook page. 

In this post, we have listed photos showing some of her stunning work. Scroll down and enjoy peeps. Share these photos with your friends as well. 

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#1 Can you guess which one is me?

#2 Lady Gaga: before and after


#4 Marilyn Manson: before and after


#6 From Olesia Žuravliova to Marilyn Manson | Transformacija

#7 Kylie Jenner

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