30 Beautiful Illustrations Based on Daily Life

The reality is that our average day is…well, average. Learning how to enjoy the average day of your life is the real deal because it is within these tiny bits that we find peace, love, compassion, and joy that make life absolutely worth living. It’s the little moments that make life big such as when we say I love you for no reason or when we give a hug when someone desperately needs one or the moments when we choose our loved ones over ourselves just to make them happy.

An LA-based painter, illustrator and occasional animator, Yaoyao Ma Van As, accurately portrays daily life moments in beautiful illustrations. She takes inspiration from her own personal life which is why her works are always filled with sincere and deep emotions. Yaoyao’s images stand out from the rest for possessing harmonious color palettes and carefully crafted compositions.

Scroll on to see her amazing illustrations in our compiled list below and enjoy peeps!



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