31 Photos Proving This Artist Has a Unique Eye for Colors

Christopher Jobson’s knack for finding the most stunning, share-worthy pictures on the Internet make his blog Colossal quite awesome for anyone remotely interested in the visual arts. This artist from Chicago explores visual expression through fine art, design, modern craft, street art, photography, illustration, science, and animation.

Christopher has a unique eye for colors. He started Colossal in 2010 to explore “the intersection of art.” Each week, he posts 15 or so of the coolest (seriously, coolest) paintings, installations, animations, buildings, pieces of street art, and more from around the world. With over 200K followers on social media, the internet is going crazy about his blog.

Scroll on to see the amazing collection from colossal that will take your breath away. Enjoy peeps! For more info, check out Christopher’s social media profiles on the following links:

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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