45 Surreal Images That Will Blow Your Mind

They say, “Our imagination is what keeps our busy minds entertained.” Well, it’s true you know! Our dreams carry the worlds with eccentric environments where anything is possible. But, it’s sometimes so surreal that it can’t be explained with just words. And that’s where surreal images come in handy. It is about creating a world of imagination that goes beyond the physical world. Whether the results are realistic or out of this world, we can gladly portray our casual experience as extraordinary through balancing reality with imaginations.

Originally from Savannakhet in Laos, the Australia-based artist Phonsay‘s artworks are skilfully balanced and inspired by Buddhism. This artist draws from a life of balance and contrast to create surreal minimalist images via painting, photography and digital editing. He has mesmerized the world with his amazing skills. In his graphics, he succeeds in encompassing all his ideas and values by using people, angular architecture, geometrical shapes, and patterns.

Listed in this post are 45 amazing photos from Phosay’s collection. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

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