A Company Turns Kids’ Artwork Into Vibrant Clothes (Your Kid Can Design Their Own Too)

“Every child is an artist, but the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” Pablo Picasso

Candy, flowers, magical creatures, and a lot of other fascinating things and ideas are inside kid’s heads. The sad part is that we sometimes waste their imagination and creativity by not paying attention to their little efforts. However, someone finally stood up and decided that these ideas shouldn’t just have to stay in their imaginations and gave kids a chance to create on a larger scale. Picture this clothing is an Instagram account with more than 31k followers, and they have provided kids an opportunity to be their own designers and style a unique piece of clothing for themselves

. In this post, we’ve compiled photos of those kids who inspired a lot of people, and their vivid and creative designs are unbelievable!  Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Try your best to pull out the hidden artist hidden in your child. 

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