Artist Depicts The True and Scandalous Side of Celebrities Life In Paintings

In a world full of fake notions and ideas, we’re often skeptical about the paintings we see. If we see anything that looks even mildly unreal, we automatically assume that the painting does not represent subject matter truthfully. But, that is not the case in Belec Tratas’s paintings.

Though at first glance, Belec’s work look like normal portraits of celebrities but upon closer scrutiny, clues about their life stories emerge in every painting.  The most important people, objects, moments, and references of numerous celebrities’ lives are included inside the paintings. They showcase the best example of a movie set that meticulously composed with their life’s legacy showcased in one single image. Unlike many artists who bet on playfulness and even surrealism, Belec Tratas aims to portray the true and scandalous side of these celebrities otherwise portrayed and constructed by media.

Scroll on to see Belec’s work in our curated selection below and try to comprehend the hidden life stories of each celebrity. Enjoy peeps!

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