Artist Illustrated Popular Male Superheroes in the Pinup Classic Style

Over the years, we have seen posters of pin-up girls that were incredibly famous in the mid-20th century. David Talaski-Brown, a Portland, Oregon-based artist, is now winning the hearts of faithful superhero fans with a quirky illustration series featuring the likes of Iron Man and Captain America as perfect vintage pin-up models.

In a short time, this artist has earned more than 29k followers on his Instagram account. David has been drawing, sculpting, and working his way around MS paint for a very long time. Eventually, David ended up in the animation program at the now deceased Art Institute of Portland, mostly focusing on 2D animation. He didn’t end up in animation but instead landed in a studio making art for video games. David has brought charm to the already fascinating world of superheroes with his steamy depiction of famous male superheroes. For our viewers, we have compiled some photos from his stunning gallery. Scroll on, and check out the incredible illustrations. Don’t forget to share them with your friends.

More info: ETSY | Instagram


#2 Iron Man

#3 Bucky Barnes

#4 Green Lantern

#5 Captain America

#6 Black Panther

#7 Doctor Strange

#8 Aquaman

#9 Thor

#10 Loki

#11 Star Lord


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