Artist Shows Disney Movies As Corporate Logos (14 Pics)

Research shows the average person on an average day is exposed to over 5000 brand logos and messages. That’s why most marketers try to make their brand logo memorable so that it may be easily recalled.

If you visualize a recognizable logo of a famous brand, you’ll see that it triggers certain associations in your mind. For example, the “Golden Arch” on the McDonald’s logo makes you think of juicy big mac and sweet McFlurry. When looking at the BMW logo, your mind creates the image of a posh car that emphasizes its owner’s high social status. When you see Google, you immediately think of search. Now, what comes to your mind when you think of Disney movies as corporate logos? They should be absolutely creative right? One artist gave a bit of a fantasy twist from our childhood Disney favorites to these logos and imagined them as perfectly as they should be as corporate logos. Scroll on to see our curated list below and enjoy peeps!

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