Artists Take Famous Cartoon Characters and Turn Them Into Unique Recreations

Can you imagine your favorite cartoon characters looking even more stunning than the original versions after their recreations? Well, Fernanda Suarez certainly made them more stunning with her extraordinary character design skills of bringing something totally new to already beloved icons.

Fernanda Suarez is a digital artist from Chille. She is a specialist in illustration and conceptual art. She takes famous cartoon characters and turns them into her unique creations. In this post, we have listed our favorite photos showing some of her most spectacular work. These recreations of your favorite cartoon characters will surely make you fall in love with them all over again! Can’t find your favorite princess here? Suarez is still working on the series and is currently taking votes on who she should design next.

Scroll down to see the incredible work she’s already done, and let us know which modern princess you’d love to grab a venti latte with! *wink wink*

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