Brazilian Artist Tullius Heuer Creates Digital Paintings That Leap Off The Page (17 New Pics)

In today’s modern era, contemporary art provides endless possibilities of all-encompassing genre and adds a bit of twist on conventional forms like painting, sculpture, and installation. Today’s artists love to work in a globally influenced, culturally diverse, and technologically advancing society and self-taught Brazilian artist Tullius Heuer is also no different than others.

He combines his pencil art simulations with photo manipulations in Photoshop and the results are absolutely magical. The 29-year-old artist who has a degree in the IT field decided to immerse into his art full-time after realizing the great opportunities that are looming in his life. To create his paintings, Tullius uses Wacom Intuos 5 to draw on two 22-inch screens. The part of the image that uses a realistic photo seems to be popping out of the paper, breathing life into his artworks. His surrealistic three-dimensional fantasy illusions have been celebrated around the world via viral social media gaining him almost 27.6K followers on Instagram. Scroll on peeps to see his amazing collection in the list below and enjoy!

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