Lion King’s Characters With Alternative Look Goes Viral

The enormous success of many animated remakes proved that audiences have an unquenchable appetite for Disney’s remakes and re-imaginings. So, Disney came up with our all-time favorite remake of live-action film “The Lion King.” A huge chunk of people loves this movie since childhood. But, The Lion King remake has divided audiences. Some people believe it’s a masterpiece while others think the older version was far better because they have some great childhood memories attached to it! And artists Ellejart is also among the latter category. His real name is Nikolay Mochkin aka Design By Feo.

He recently drew the most amazing fan art poster of what The Lion King remake would have looked like if the movie’s creators would have made a live-action version that was committed to the original style.

Honestly, the artists’ version looks amazing, and we think it should come on the silver screen. Perhaps we need to ask Disney to remake the remake? So, scroll on the list below and enjoy peeps!

Artists Ellejart (whose real name is Nikolay Mochkin) and Design By Feo

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