Realistic Depiction of Disney Princesses

Ah! The everloving Disney princesses, what can we say? They hardly need an introduction because every child adores them and every adult has been inspired by them at one point or the other in life.  Also, we know every one of you must have once or twice wondered how the lives of Disney characters would be like if they lived among us today, right eh! And that’s the reason these beauties are subject of many artists reimaginings. Andhika Muksin is one of them who just made all your Disney dreams come true.

He is a Jakarta-based artist who is known as the self-described “Disney dork.” Muskin loves to imagine Disney Princesses in a more realistic way and his fans adore his artwork like no other. With more than 240K followers on his Instagram, he’s climbing the ladder of success day by day. Scroll on to see some of our favorite photos from his collection and enjoy peeps!

More info: Instagram | Facebook

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