Using Digital Painting Tools, Artist Can Create Stunning Portraits From Scratch

Thanks to digital painting, several artists who previously had no way to show their art for lack of material can now appear and let their gift marvel millions of people through the internet. The only tool they need is a good image editor! Sounds interesting, right? 28-year-old Irakli Nadar is considered one of the most talented digital artists of our time. Using only digital painting tools, he can create photo-like portraits from scratch. His works are so good that many in the digital art world accuse him of simply applying various filters to digital photographs and passing them off as paintings.

With more than 100k followers on Instagram, Irakli’s breathtaking artworks have brought him worldwide fame and legions of adoring fans on other social networks as well. Listed here are some of his most stunning digital portraits that will leave you in a shock. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to share these photos with your friends who adore contemporary form of art.

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