80 Times Artist Turned Coffee Stains into Monsters

Art can manifest itself anywhere, even in spilled coffee. All that is needed is an artist with creative imaginations.

Most of us enjoy our cup of morning coffee and get the buzz from the caffeine but Stefan of “The Coffee Monsters” not only enjoys coffee but he also creates coffee stain monsters with it!

He is an illustrator, writer and coffee lover from Germany who began his project in winter 2011 when he accidentally spilled some coffee on a piece of paper. And since then there’s no stopping of coffee stain monsters. From cute to silly and even evil ones, he has spawned thousands of these monsters in his whimsical collection. His work is spontaneous and innovative; he does not plan his art. It just happens, and that’s what makes it so unique. With over 19K followers on Instagram, Stefan Kuhnigk’s audience is growing day by day. 

Scroll on peeps to see some of his coffee stain little monsters in the list below and enjoy peeps!

More Info: ​Stefan Kuhnigk​​​


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