A Japanese Artist Transforms Stones Into Tiny Animals That You Might Want to Hold in Your Hand Forever

Have you ever been inspired by the natural shapes of all the stone and pebbles lurking around in corners that make you believe they already have their own characters? Well, beauty is indeed all around us, even in unexpected places like right under our feet. All you need is a creative mind and open eyes to make beautiful things out of rocks under your feet, and Japanese artist Akie Nakata shows us just how to do it. She takes ugly looking rocks, and masterfully paints them, making them look like tiny animals that fit in the palm of a hand and looks quite real.

Akie uniquely sees the world, and it is this perspective that has guided her art. Ever since she was a child, the self-taught artist has loved collecting stones. She began her stone paintings in 2011 when she encountered a particular pebble that looked like a rabbit. And from then on, she created numerous amazing stone animals. Scroll on to see some of our favorite ones in the list below and enjoy peeps!

For more info checkout her instagram profile.

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