Rice Sculptures You’d Admire Before Eating

The Internet seems to be overflowing with cuteness but this time it’s neither cat photos nor some baby videos. Are you curious much? We know you must be! What can be better than food combined with unbearably cute fan art? Let us tell you, my friends! The doctor Nawaphorn Piewpun, better known as Peaceloving Pax creates the cutest edible characters by shaping colorful balls of rice, each one designed as an endearing figure to accompany bento boxes and bowls.

The Thailand-based doctor wears 2 hats in her life, a dermatologist by day, and a bento food characters’ creator by night. If you ask us, we think she’s quite talented in what she creates.

Piewpun often depicts beloved pop culture personalities such as Totoro, Pikachu, and a Storm Trooper from Star Wars. The support of more than 128K followers on Instagram has encouraged her to create more amazing characters. Scroll on to see her adorable edible art collection that we have listed below and enjoy peeps!

More info: Peaceful Pax

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