Artist Creates Mind-Bending Photographs By Blending Drawings With Reality (30 New Pics)

Italian artist Pietro Cataudella is offering a new perspective of traveling sites with his series of half-sketch, half-photograph images, which he features on his Instagram account CityLiveSketch. He takes his sketchbook everywhere he goes, but his drawings don’t just depict the places he visits rather they become an integral part of the landscapes. Sounds cool, right? It sure is, folks!

In the summer of 2014, Pietro started his project by drawing a first simple sketch in his sketchbook and photographing it in front of the scene that was presented. Since then, he became quite popular on social media by gaining almost 98K followers on his Instagram profile. Most of his collection features architectural 3D drawings that seem to jump from the artist’s journals, depicting different visiting sites as part-real and part-illustrated.

Listed in this post are some of our favorite photos from his collection. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

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