Artist Places Mice In Human Situations In Her Illustrations

If you love to see illustrations that are whimsical, goofy and distinctive then this post is especially for you!

Taiwanese American artist Lucia Hefferman uses her paint brushes to shine a spotlight on the innocence and raw instincts of a mouse and decided to imagine its daily life by placing it in all the human situations. She says, “My body of work is an expression & exploration of my fascination with animals, through my paintings, I seek to give animals a voice and a personality.”

Lucia Heffernan is a graphic designer and oil painter who wants the viewer to recognize and relate to the subjects and situations of her work as snapshots of daily life, portrayed by the mice. She invites all the viewers to step into her imaginary world where mice are living the best of their lives and everything is possible. The artist loves to experiment with different styles of contemporary realism.

Scroll on to see some of her best works listed below and enjoy peeps!

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