German Artist Mocks The “Perfect” Instagram Photos

We can all agree upon the fact that sometimes our Insta feeds can be a bit too much to handle because of all those people and their ideal life moments they share as a token of their pride. We bet, it’s hard not to feel bad or get inspired from totally unreachable ideals and unrealistic expectations that are impossible for us to achieve even though we know that Instagram is an illusion made up of various deception techniques.

Geraldine West, a German girl living in Cologne proves the falsehood of Instagram all too well. With the almost 56K following, she recently launched the “Instagram vs. Reality” project in which she takes side-by-side pictures of herself that portray the same situations in real life and how they would look like on Instagram.

 From sweaty workouts to chaos of traveling, we have listed our favorite photos from Geraldine’s collection Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

For more info check out her Instagram profile.

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