A Japanese YouTuber Takes The Art Of Onigiri To a Whole New Level

Do you have any idea what onigiri is? Well, don’t worry if you don’t! We’ll give you a profound idea! It is a famous Japanese food that usually gets translated as rice balls. And that’s actually great; otherwise, the pronunciation would’ve been a problem, right?

Some onigiris are spherical, but they can be made in other shapes too. A Japanese YouTuber is making rice balls as you’ve never seen them before, in the shapes of cats, aliens, and seals. So, that’s why this artist’s incredibly cute-looking balls of rice are going viral all over the internet. His channel is named as ‘Onigiri Gekijou‘ ( translated as onigiri theatre), and it has more than 1.6k subscribers. The unique and creative work of this Japanese Youtuber is getting famous with every passing day.

However, to appreciate his efforts, we’ve curated some of our favourite photos that show a glimpse of his work. Now stop reading, scroll on, and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to share these photos with your friends as well.

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