Artist Has Puntastically Unique Way With Words

Love them or hate them, puns are funny phrases that play on words double meanings for an intended humorous or rhetorical effect. They are also called paronomasia.

We assure you one thing, folks!  Coming up with puns is no easy feat. You need a creative brain to find wordplay that is both hilarious and easy to understand by everyone. Some people have got this skill nailed down pretty well just like the Greek artist Teo Zirinis, also known as Hands Off My Dinosaur. He finds inspiration in the everyday things that surround us and plays with words like no other. Teo’s work is inspired by food, cartoons, books, and everyday life. He always tries to look at the happy, funny side of ordinary things that encompass us.

In this post, we have listed Pun-tastic creations from Teo’s collection. Scroll on to check them out and enjoy peeps!

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