Artist Redesign Famous Logos To Mess With Your Head

Research shows the average person on an average day is exposed to over 5000 brand logos and messages. That’s why most marketers try to make their brand logo memorable so that it may be easily recalled. All major companies know the importance of having a good logo as it’s the face of the brand. The most publicly recognizable branding a brand can have. If you visualize a recognizable logo of a famous brand, you’ll see that it triggers certain associations in your mind. You will easily recognize it, associate it with a certain brand and trust it.

Artist Ahmed Morshedi recently focused on the concept of brand trust with a series of brilliant but brain muddling packaging redesigns. He describes himself as a full-time art director by profession and an independent artist who loves creating unusual art pieces. His whole work series is comprised of brand design mashups that aim to make you stop and think. Scroll on to see his amazing collection for yourself in our curated list below and enjoy peeps!

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