I Customize And Transform Toys And Collectibles Into Handmade Works Of Art

Sculptures built with spare toys and random collectables are an art form born of nostalgia. Don’t you think? We often have some kind of feelings attached with our toys or certain collectables. But, for German artist Adrian Müller the case is a bit different. He only uses both his hands and some extra material (apart from tons of patience) to customize and transforms toys and collectibles into authentic works of art.

He started his adventure as a Funko customizer in 2015 although, due to a high demand in his products, and by 2016 he officially registered his brand as an artist. Since then his toy art, sculptures, Funko customs and other collectibles have been part of his daily work and gained him almost 12K followers on social media. His collection includes Characters such as Gollum, the Joker, Alien, or even a perverse Sylvester the cat.

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