Sweet And Sour Everyday Life Illustrated

Being in love is so much more than just butterflies and roses. When you are in a nurturing relationship, it’s like eating sweet and sour food every day, don’t you agree?  We often see the happy days romanticized in movies, and the bad days dramatized in stories. However relationships are the most beautiful in not just those happy and bad days, but in all the days in between. And nothing portrays the ideals of living with your significant other than Yehuda Devir.

He’s a comic artist, illustrator and a graphic designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. His wife, Maya is also an illustrator and graphic designer. He is a creator of one of the most popular internet blog “One of Those Days”, where he creates fun and adorable comics to describe everyday moments of his married life in a funny and relatable way. Scroll on to see some of our favorite illustrations from his collection and enjoy peeps!

More info on Yehuda Devir’s artInstagram | Patreon

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