10+ Photos of Family Portraits by Ulric Collette

Ulric Collette is a Canadian graphic designer and photographer who started a unique photography project called “Genetic portraits”. He basically takes portraits of family members and merges their pictures, creating stunning images that prove just how strong family DNA can be – and it’s probably the coolest family photo shoot idea ever!

Ulric started this project back in 2008 when he tried to age his son in Photoshop and accidentally ended up creating his first genetic portrait. So, something which was initially started as an accident has been presented on various websites, magazines, and books all over the world.

In this post, we’ve listed 10+ family portraits by Ulric Collette that are enough to impress anyone! We bet after seeing his work, you’ll want to try it yourself! Scroll on peeps. Share these photos with your friends as well.


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