19 Creative Digital Art Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

Art is all about creativity and imagination. Over the years art has also evolved. The new forms of arts have been introduced which are different from traditional and conventional arts. One modern form of art is photo manipulation. It has taken the world by storm, merging different realities to create an imaginative one. Photo manipulation helps one break all boundaries and limitations of traditional photography and thereby it gives life to new thoughts and ideas.

Multi-talented photographer, smartphone editor, and visual artist June Lawrence a.k.a. CinnaAvox loves to create spectacular surreal and playful images through photo manipulation to evoke empathy for viewers. Lawrence shoots with Canon EOS 6D camera. Then by using the app, PicsArt Photo Studio, June creates surreal and intriguing images using only her Sony Xperia smartphone. And with her extraordinary skills, she has gained almost 63,000 followers on her Instagram profile.

In this post, we have compiled creative digital art photos from June’s collection that will blow your mind. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

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