30 Times These Two Friends Try On Identical Outfits To Show That Same Outfits Can Look Great On Any Type of Body

The fashion industry is so relentless at times. Sometimes, girls are pushed to the verge of insanity due to unrealistic standards set by the fashion industry. Though the fashion world is becoming more and more inclusive of plus-size individuals, most of the clothes in the stores are still meant for slim people. However, that certainly doesn’t mean plus-size people can’t wear them! Dominican plus-size model Denise Mercedes along with friend Maria Castellanos launched a TikTok challenge titled “Style Not Size”. In this challenge, two people try on similar outfits to prove they look good on any type of body. Denise is an Instagram star as she has more than 700k followers, and the numbers are increasing!

In this post, we have 30 compiled 30 photos taken from her account. These photos prove that beauty comes in all shapes and forms. Scroll down, peeps. Share these magnificent photos with your friends and give Denise the appreciation she deserves.

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