A Photographer Reveals Hard Reality Behind Perfect Instagram Shots

We can all agree upon the fact that sometimes our Insta feeds can be a bit too much to handle because of all those people and their ideal life moments they share as a token of their pride. We bet, it’s hard not to feel bad or get inspired by totally unreachable ideals and unrealistic expectations that are impossible for us to achieve even though we know that Instagram is an illusion made up of various deception techniques.

Chris Hernandez, a photographer from Florida whose Instagram account is currently flying on the internet. He doesn’t always take outstanding shots, but he also shows behind the scenes of those masterpieces. Such photos make us realize the hard physical work that photographers have to go through to ensure that they capture the very best depiction of their photo-shoots. In this post, we have curated a selection of Chris’s photos where he revealed the truth behind his perfect Instagram shots, and the process is as captivating as the results. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

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