Cinnamon The Hedgehog Is Living Her Best Life, Here’s Her Average Day (17 Pics)

Hedgehogs have gained popularity as pets in the recent decades. They are quiet, active, exciting, and require low maintenance, so they can become a good pet for someone who has a busy schedule. Sometimes, hedgehogs are even loved and cherished as house pets. If you don’t believe us, just look at a normal day of a hedgehog named Cinnamon. This cute little hedgehog is living the best life that makes everyone fall in love with this creature. That’s why Cinnamon has also become an Instagram star with more than 3k followers. The owner of this adorable pet started it as a fun project of making Cinnamon little furniture and clothing, but it quickly developed into a fun Instagram account.

Scroll on and follow her Instagram account to see her daily adventures and adorable hedgehog photos! Enjoy peeps. We bet you’ll desperately want a pet like Cinnamon by the end of this post due to its sheer cuteness.

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